Implementation Techniques

We use a variety of methods depending on the actual circumstances and corporate culture. Consequently, Leadership Implementation is highly customized. However, we draw from a series of well researched and meticulously developed techniques in the areas of Meeting Facilitation, Executive Coaching and Mass Coaching. What makes the difference is that they are designed not only to be effective but also to get results fast. This is the origin of our company name: Maxelerate – Maximize your Profit and Accelerate Results.

Our methods use several basic principles. You are always the leader – we only facilitate. When facilitating, demonstrating and teaching we use examples from our personal experience. If an exercise or workshop is needed you do not perform theoretical exercises. You will use actual live situations in your own organization.

Here are some of the exercises that can be used in Leadership Implementation:


You identify the areas which will get affected by change in the implementation in the first step. We conduct a survey that will reveal to you the size of challenge you face in implementation. It includes essential information for successful implementation: identification of positive/negative attitudes that will help or hinder critical tasks to make it happen, milestones that must be met and much other data for a successful plan.


This exercise focuses you on the one or two key elements that block the implementation. Once identified, we help you break through the blocks so that the implementation proceeds smoothly and quickly.

Start Event:

This facilitated event is designed to communicate your message and the essential steps for a successful implementation. The audience is all the people that will implement or be affected by the process. The feeling of commitment out of this event is profound and without parallel in conventional training.

Strategy Event:

Strategy for implementation is required at many different levels. There is the overall master strategy. There are also mini-strategies within it. The most important are the many mini-strategies that departments, work-groups and individuals must use to adapt from their current state to the new process. The techniques used in this event make sure that they are comprehensive, pertinent to the master strategy, and truly implementable.

Change Event:

Most people are familiar with the Change Curve that describes the inevitable emotional reactions people experience before they finally accept and embrace a change. But how to straighten it? Or how to compress it? Whatever analogy you use, the techniques used here help people move through the Change Curve as quickly as possible. This accelerates the benefit of the implementation.

Communication Plan:

A well executed communication plan is critical to the success of a new project. These techniques help you identify what must be communicated, how, the audience and the best methods.

Executive Coaching:

One of our central competencies is Executive Coaching. It covers CEO’s and all other executive levels. What sets our method apart is its focus on rapid results. Senior executives do not have time for multiple-year codependent therapy-like coaching relationships. The market environment rewards or punishes quarterly. Our method is attuned to this requirement for speed.

Objective Coaching:

Coaching may be required at all levels of the organization – executive, management and/or non-management. In a new project it may be required.

Donut Holes:

The term refers to those bite-sized balls of donut that donut shops sell as “donut holes”. We have a collection of over 30 mini-exercises and mini-workshops that our Facilitators use in Events to achieve rapid effective results.

The above examples are illustrative of some of our Leadership Implementation services. They can be used singly, such as Executive Coaching, or in combination for a full-fledged implementation of a new process, project, program or corporate culture change. Our Facilitators are experienced, trained and sensitive to the dynamics of group meetings. Their participation in your implementation will help you achieve optimum results – fast. Implement your project by contacting us at the phone, e-mail or address below.

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