Sales Training For Buyers And Negotiators

Salespeople are trained to find out everything about you before a negotiation. The best way to defend yourself is to learn exactly how they have been trained to sell. The Instructors for this course have trained salespeople and been salespeople themselves. A side benefit reported by course attendees is that they are better able to sell their ideas within their own organization. Here are some of the topics covered:

How Did They Know That?

  • How vendors obtain information about you
  • How vendors obtain account control
  • The importance of calling high
  • Account planning and setting goals

What Are The Strategies?

  • Tactics & Ploys
  • Getting and tracking results
  • Influencing the customer
  • When is a salesperson most dangerous?
  • How to get what you want
  • Who do people buy from?

Sales Techniques

  • How to create an impression
  • Building rapport
  • How to get your customer to listen
  • Questioning technique
  • The importance of listening
  • Objection handling
  • Selling features and benefits (it’s not what you think it is)
  • Closing technique
  • How to stop your customer from walking
  • Special cases (e.g. telesales, e-sales, video sales)
  • How you can use sales techniques to persuade your management & peers

Understanding What You Have Learned

  • Lab exercise: The Sales Call
  • Lab exercise: The Team Negotiation
  • Questioning clinic
  • Objections clinic
  • Features clinic
  • Closing clinic

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