Procurement Negotiation

It is not uncommon to find that organizations lack the skills required to conduct a successful negotiation. Vendors understand this. They train their salespeople extensively in the art of negotiation. Salespeople use techniques that exploit lack of negotiating knowledge in different areas of an organization. They avoid knowledgeable negotiators such as Procurement departments and employ techniques with names like “Divide and Conquer”.

You can redress the balance in your favor. This seminar will show you the techniques salespeople use and how to counteract them. You will learn about the importance of information leverage. You will be able to create the right environment for getting a better deal.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

  • What a vendor means by commitment
  • The difference between needs, requirements and specifications
  • When to use RFPs, RFIs and quotes
  • Maximizing your negotiation leverage
  • The structure of a negotiating team
  • Who is at risk?
  • When does win/win apply?
  • How to avoid vendor control
  • The four phases of negotiation

Facing The Vendor

  • Getting internal commitment
  • When is negotiation not an event?
  • Who gets to negotiate
  • Negotiation objectives and priorities
  • How to document negotiations
  • When to get a warranty, when to get a remedy
  • Contracts that work in your favor
  • What to do when the vendor is an “expert”
  • What you don’t know can hurt you!
  • What “getting it in writing” really means
  • Vendor tactics like:
    • Divide and Conquer
    • The Umbilical Cord.
    • If I Can Get My Manager to Approve It…
    • The Honeypot
    • Stratospheric Calling
    • Trust Me
    • Regulations Won’t Allow It
    • Bait ‘n Switch
    • The Year-End Deal
  • How to select a vendor
  • How to bargain
  • The critical factors

Managing The Vendor

  • Getting what you paid for
  • Incenting vendors to give you better deals
  • What happens after the ink has dried
  • Optimizing vendor performance
  • Managing and navigating in the contract maze

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