Origin Of Implementation

Through our Training and Consulting work we became aware of a pattern of problems that our clients experience. They tend to be expressed in certain types of questions:

How Do I Get Benefit From The Training I Just Received?

How Do We Implement It?

What Will It Take To Get Us To Work Like A Team?

Why Is Everybody So Full Of Good Ideas That Never Get Anywhere?

We Have All The Skills, So Why Can’t We Get The Results?

How Do We Get The Return On Investment We Thought We Would?

We experience this through our seminars. We have trained a lot of clients in Procurement Negotiation and Sales Negotiation. The seminar leader would fly into town to teach a group from a large Fortune 500 company. The seminar would go well. The participants would express themselves very satisfied, go back to their jobs and the seminar leader would fly on to the next seminar.

Then we would be asked back, by the same client, to repeat the seminar to a new group. Often, the same seminar leader would meet a former student and the conversation would go something like this:

“Hi John, how’s it going? That was a great seminar you gave last year!”

“Thanks, Sue. I’m glad it was useful to you. How have the techniques worked out for you? Are you getting better results?”

At this point there would be a long pause and a pink flush would spread over Sue’s cheeks. She would reply, “Well… you know how it is around here. You know… the politics… well… we got to get our act together. I’m sure once you’ve trained some more of us we’ll have the critical mass we need to get going. But your stuff was sure great!”

In other words, what we observed was that the students were convinced by the processes they learned. They were even inspired and left the seminar highly motivated to try out what they learned. But they would go back to the same old desk, the same relationships, the same structure, the same meetings – the same expectations.

Think of it. How many times have you been to a corporate year-beginning meeting? It was lively. The executives made stirring speeches. The breakfast buffet and the entertainment were excellent. A new direction for the company gets announced: “Quality” or “Business Process Re-engineering” or “Participative Management” or “Lean Manufacturing” or … (At one company we know, the cynics would call this the “Program du Jour”.) Everyone would file out of the meeting full of enthusiasm saying, “Boy, I’m glad the company has finally got it together. This is just what we need!”

Back at work they would try to live up to the new challenge but then things would happen. Someone might fail to follow up on a promise. A conflicting statement might be made by a manager. Some poor relationships might get in the way. Eventually they would get discouraged and things would go back to being business as usual. And maybe a select few might even hear the CEO mutter, “We sure invested a lot in these high priced consultants. It sure looked good on paper. They made it sound good. But when am I going to get the ROI they said we would? Or even half of it! Sometime in this millennium?”

What happened? Were the high priced consultants incompetent? No. Were their ideas no good? No. Where they not right for your company? No. Are your people not competent or willing enough? No.

No. No. No. The ideas were probably brilliant, timely and just what you needed. The reason that results are not achieved became apparent to us through two other areas of our practice: Meeting Facilitation and Executive Coaching.

In order for any new process to succeed, there are two requirements for an organization:

  1. Employees must acquire the skills for the process.
  2. The skills must be applied effectively.

With these ideas in mind we developed Leadership Implementation. We also spent a period of time travelling world-wide, researching and experiencing the techniques of groups that have developed leading-edge methods to make things happen. At Maxelerate we have developed a series of effective techniques aimed at helping you achieve the ROI you expect.

By using the extensive experience of our Consultants we will provide you with the skills you need in our various areas of competence. We do this through training, seminars and on-site consulting on actual projects designed to transfer skills to you. But it does not stop there. We can then help your teams come together and actually go through the transformation process needed to make the new process happen – and stick with it. We call this Leadership Implementation. The goal is to make it happen quickly.

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